Notion Course Tracker

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Notion Course Tracker

Sarvam Fating
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Course Tracker

A Comprehensive Notion Dashboard to track all your Courses, take Notes and set Tasks in Calendar - all in one place.

Why Did I Create This?

I’ve taken up over 13 online courses in the last 10 months. But taking them and actually completing them are two different things. As a result, I ended up with a lot of pending courses. 

I brainstormed what can I put inside the Notion tracker first and then started creating the Template later. 

The Course Tracker helps people enrol, manage, take notes, set tasks and reminders and finish their Courses on time. Organising your courses will now become easier.

Who is This For?

  • Those who like keeping a track of their courses.
  • Those who enrol in a course and expect to finish it.
  • Those who like taking Notes alongside their Courses.
  • Those who use POMODORO to accomplish their tasks.

What you get Inside

  • A table to track your Course details.
  • A tab to store all your Certificates digitally.
  • A comprehensive Notes section.
  • An Analog Clock to track your Time.
  • A POMODORO Timer to track your Productivity.
  • A Calendar to Set Tasks.

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Q1 > Does this work on the free version of Notion?

A1> Yes. Just click "Duplicate" on the top right corner of the Course Tracker template and Notion will direct you to your Free Notion Workspace.

Q2 > How Do I use the Notion Course Tracker?

A2> Instructions for using the Notion Template have been provided inside the Course Tracker (at the top). Feel free to refer to those anytime you face difficulty with either of the Template features.

Q3> Can I customise this Template the way I want?

A3> Of course! Once you "Duplicate" the Course Tracker, feel free to customise it the way you want.

Don't forget to drop a 5 -Star Rating if you like my Notion Course Tracker. I'll see you Inside. 👋🏻

I want this!

A Notion Course Tracker with a Dashboard - to track all your Courses, to make Notes, set Tasks, an Analog clock and a POMODORO Timer to boost your Productivity.


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